If I write a negative review about a product - (ClickBank or JvZoo)

Am I allowed to use their product image in my article?

I was sitting tinkering with my Google analytics and I saw on my live feed "Traffic Source" that had a visitor from a Copyright Complaint website/department...

This got me thinking....

I do have an affiliate disclaimer and I do state in the reviews that my articles are based on personal experience and my opinions. I generally avoid the word "scam" and use words like low quality or unsuitable instead.

Product images is the only thing I can think of because all my images come from pixabay.

What do you think guys?

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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi skandy,
Hope all is well. Did you receive any message from the Copyright Complaint department regarding any violations? If not, then I think you are probably okay. Maybe they were fishing around to see if any violations were committed. As long as you have the affiliate disclaimers and you specify that your reviews are based on opinion only, that should be sufficient. Also, make sure the pictures you use from Pixabay are really free to use without having to give credit or permission. I would also suggest that you ask Kyle or Carson if you haven't already. Hope this helps,
AfqmBiz Premium
Oh man, sometimes the reality is harsh and the truth is painful, while sometimes the honesty is killing but to swallow the bitter pill is actually the best medicine. I have seen a lot of madness in under 2 years since I step in in this digital world as a more knowledgeable, serious social and networking dream-chaser.

The previous period than that I am just a playful social joker being around just to killing some time when had nothing to do but clueless mind.

Under two years being serious about working online but I am still me in the real-life always being a trooper to experience, learn, and expose myself to the hard lesson at first hand, some unintentional.

My devices like laptops or mobile tablet/pad being "shut-down" as of recently are the sixth time. Just like you, we try to speak the honesty out of "over-hyped" stuff cheat and hack our life as to inform and remind good others.

Strange, why me and what's wrong with our once in a blue moon unfavourable review since we have seen others with products full site endlessly "kill" various products of different platforms published in their own website.

I realized they are "legally" approved to do those "products hit out" agenda since some of them are just part of "people' people", "a circle of clans" or "one of our guys".

But it has taught me well and bit by bit I doing fine along the way turning lesser "deliberate foes" to mutual social networking friends.

Some other times, I just have to do the rebuilding after "the wiped out".

I hope nothing bad will ever happen to you regarding the above concern, my friend. Cheers!

*FYI, I had Clickbank bad treatment only 2 months with them earlier while I am still under their CBU program and I quit soon, after the host of unexplained rejections by them. Only recently after a year, I am able to CB affiliate with different submission.
NatNiches Premium
It redirects to a google chrome extension -- I've seen some other people talking about it online as well. Looks like some sort of new spam thing, they're driving traffic to that extension and fishing for you to go and check it out. Don't worry about it! :)
skandy85 Premium
When i Google the URL it does directly to a Chrome Extension called- o-o-0-o-o Search Bar

This is weird!
MKearns Premium
You cant be sure your "visitor" is a scamster!
skandy85 Premium
The source was in Russia but when I googled whole url shown in analytics nothing comes up.... weird!
sgregcrx Premium
Apart from blocking them. I would not be worried about visitors from russia ...well not from a copyright/legal point of view .
MKearns Premium
Ah ha!