Hello, I purchased an annual membership but I have still been billed the last two months for a monthly subscription. I need a refund of the 28.00 please and how do I remove my credit card from your site?

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nathaniell Premium Plus
Somehow I missed this question last week John. Kyle is the person to contact about billing issues, but the $28 amount is odd. Sounds like maybe two domains at $13.99 each.

However, that's just a guess. Might be something else depending on where you are in the world. Send Kyle a PM and he can sort you out.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - are you sure this charge of $28 isn't for purchased domains? These cost approximately $13.99 per year for each one. The monthly cost of WA is $49, so that doesn't tally with what you have been charged. If this is not the case, you will need to contact support.

To remove your credit card, click on your profile photo, go to account settings and payment source. You can also view your invoices in account settings to see exactly what you have been charged for.
Eugene Premium Plus
My goodness you're on a roll :) Have a wonderful day Diane. I can't get ahead of you...you're the road runner and I'm the coyote