i followed lesson 7 to a tee and it did not work for me im thinking there must be some thing wrong with my sites HTML, can this stuff be cheaked or do i need to start all over again ?

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1Rudy1 Premium
What isn't working with your menus, Frank?

When you create a menu, you have the option to automatically add new page. You can unchecked the box and add your pages manually.

Your main menu is the one that shows in your header, the home page, about and contact pages being the most commonly used in that menu.

When you create a menu, and add you content, remember to save menu each time.

If you have open website pages, save and close them.

Then Refresh your website to see the new menu.

Hope this helps you!

jghwebbrand Premium
What is your website URL?

I don't believe it is necessary to start over.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Frank
I am sure that site support will be happy to assist you with this query on your site.
Log a ticket with them by clicking on the Help tab at the top (almost center) of the screen.
Hope you come right soon.