First time giving feedback and botched it up. As I was typing I had to quickly go to door, I left my headphones on top of keyboard and when I returned capital G's filled the entire comment page, then of course it froze on me. How can I get back to the website I was on to continue my feedback?
I really enjoyed what I was reading.

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kehaiz1 Premium
Sorry, but you need to undo so much to reach where you left off. Indeed if it is not sent, I guess that may help. Expect some better response anyway. Sorry again.
Triblu Premium
Hey Diane,

As far as I am aware, there is no means of retrieving the website you were offering feedback to. If you return to the feedback section now you might be fortunate enough to have that site offered to you again.

Not sure if you are aware or not but feedback and commenting are two different things. You might find it very helpful reading the following tutorial: Hope this helps you.
DianeWehi Premium
I didn't know the difference so thank you for the tip.
Its all new to me and words are just flying around everywhere hehe
Just so annoyed with myself but lesson learnt "Don't leave anything on top of laptop when typing"
Thanks for the help :)
Triblu Premium
LOL, you're not alone there Diane, if you saw some of the boo-boos that I have made you would probably laugh like crazy... true! It's called getting our education the hard way. :-))

You're very welcome. Glad to have been helpful.