Strange, the health center will allow me to submit an issue related to my website to technical support but the only thing I can do if I have an issue with the WA website is post a question to the community.

I will do what I can. Here is what I was trying to tell/ask technical support...

Hi, I have been working in site comments for the last few days and have had a couple occasions where the same blog post comes up for me. I already left a comment on the post the first time it came around and then there it is for me to leave a comment again. This obviously is inappropriate as someone doesn't want two comments on the same blog post from the same person. I'm hoping you are figuring out a way to fix this so the same blog post won't come up for people to comment on.

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Prinz Premium
I noticed something weird too. I wanted to read a post and leave a comment, but each time I clicked on "View the website", it took me to a page that said: "Domain name expired". I made three attempts and since I couldn't reach the site owner, I thought I should leave him a comment because I wasn't sure why someone would submit a link to Site Comments when their domain name had expired.

I left the owner a comment to inform them that their domain name had expired, so I couldn't read his blog post and comment. Luckily, he responded a few hours later, but unfortunately for me, he disapproved my comment and said he needed relevant comments for his blog post. When I checked his link again, it was working just fine. :-(
JeffHerman Premium
That has happened to me too and has discouraged me from using it.