I intend on promoting multiple products or services, should I make pages about each one or should I make a hub page that links to the landing pages of the products?

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DianeK59 Premium Plus
You might have multiple products but they should all be tied to one niche. For instance, if your niche is dog grooming, you might have products such as brushes, clippers, grooming tables, etc. But all the articles focus on dog grooming and the products all relate to dog grooming.
feigner Premium
it's never really about the product....
do you buy a spanner...no ...you want to undo a nut
do you buy a comb... no you want nice smooth hair...
so always find the benefits of the product and feature one main benefit on each psot...so you can have several posts if there are multiple main benefits....
or outcomes...what your life islike after using hte product...
so the features of the product really are secondary....
but as others have said
have a niche saying
' i want to help_____( group of people) to _____(problem you want to help them with)'
and keep all of your products within this range on that site....
google will try to 'see' what your overall site is about and put you in a box... if your content then deviates from that topic then it will remove you from that box and all oyur rankings will suffer....
but don't just have products...have useful actionable information...answers to your niches problems
have fun
GeoffreyC1 Premium
You need to concentrate on one niche only per website, or Google will not rank it.
philmedia Premium Plus
forgot to say one blog one niche!
philmedia Premium Plus
It is a great question and its all in the training! Just follow each step! But here is a clue think content and helpful first on your blog and create traffic... and authority... then link !