Can someone here help me? I am wondering what you can write in a blog on here. I was wanting to write a short(a couple of paragraphs) blog to begin blogging on here, just to write how I am struggling, looking for some support. I was recommended training on what to write on a blog, but it was way above where I am at right now(Level 2). From what I did watch on the training it gave me the impression that writing on the blog here is for the purpose of WA affiliate program, so I shouldn't simply blog about my progress. Should I wait until I go through the WA Bootcamp/affiliate training before I worry about blogging anything on here?

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PaulBoudreau Premium
Great question, Cynthia.

If you click on the "pen icon" on the very top strip it will open a window with "Blog at WA" tab.

Click this and it will open the blogging window. At the bottom of that window is " about blogging at WA".

Give a read. It will shed a big light on your blogging concerns.

Blogging requires lots of practice.

The best time to start blogging was "yesterday", lol.

Get started, and blog for fingers off.

Merry Christmas.
Willow29 Premium
Thank you. That's exactly what I was wanting to do was to add a picture and a short snippet of where I am currently at, just to get a feel for blogging on here. I do understand my main focus is on my website, but I was hoping to use the blog to gather knowledge from others who have had similar struggles. I appreciate everyone's answers. Thank you.
JeffreyBrown Premium
When I finally start the bootcamp training, I plan to begin blogging right away!
ELangley1 Premium
I meant or hangups.
ELangley1 Premium
Blogging about your progress in hangups is fine. May help your rankings. When you want to say something about WA, that will be ok, too. Our main focus as newbies going through training should be to build out our websites in my opinion. Hope this helps.