Hi friends,
I am new to WA and just upgraded to Premium membership today. However when I head to my account to see the details of my active premium I can see "Your Premium" listed as $49.00 and "Upgrade to Premium Plus" as $49.00.

I am confused here. Is there an discount offer going in which I can upgrade to the Premium Plus for the same monthly fee, or something like that.

I will appreciate any help clarifying this. Thanks !!!

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Bridges Premium
There is so much to learn on premium, I recommend you start with that. You can upgrade it to annual and get a discount over the monthly.
Next November, on the black Friday sale, you can add the premium plus at an annual discount as well.
Whatever option you choose, WA is a bargain when you consider all the training and community help.
Richuack Premium
Tks Archie !!!
michaelw777 Premium
Other Members have mostly answered this; and no Offense to anyone meant; just trying to help.

There is a Yearly Deal; if you want? Ask around and see if anyone can tell you about the Yearly Deal?

Other Members please do comment? I am just trying to help. Please no one get mad at me.

But, you should ask about the Yearly Deal.
LaraCro Premium Plus
? : )
EricCantu Premium Plus
Personally, and I'm slightly biased because I'm a premium plus member and one of the teachers of expert classes, since your first month of Premium Plus is $49, take it.

It's literally the same price as Premium for you. To me that's a no brainer.

Try it out for the month, check out the expert classes and see how you enjoy them, and after a month you can go right back to premium if you like.

Expert classes aren't "advanced" level classes for experts, they're simply classes taught by experts who have had success here with WA.

They cover a wide, wide array of topics from tips on writing content that converts to tips on your mindset as you progress through your Wealthy Affiliate journey.

While your focus will be on the core training, the expert classes offer a ton of value.

As a Premium Plus member you'll also get the Enterprise version of Jaaxy which is WA's keyword research tool included free. As you progress through the training you may see that resource as a priceless one as well. I know I do.


Best of luck to you.
Richuack Premium
Tks Eric !!! 😃
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, as Diane states the first month of Premium Plus is $49 and thereafter $99 per month.

Since you are just starting you can easily remain a Premium member and get some income first. The Premium membership training will provide what you need to succeed.

You can find the training lessons you are doing now "menu bar training tab.

You can also find live webinars by WA webinars instructor menu bar training tab -> training HQ -> events,

Also training is available at menu bar classes.

The Paid Premium Plus training is provided by our WA Experts (it has the crown symbol.) Premium training is identified by the diamond.
Richuack Premium
Thanks for your help jghwebbrand !!! This was helpful too !!!
jghwebbrand Premium
You are very welcome.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - only the first month of Premium Plus would be at a discount of $49. This would be followed by monthly payments of $99.

To be honest, as a beginner to affiliate marketing, you will have more than enough to learn from the standard premium package.

The main benefit of Premium Plus is the industry expert webinars, but they may be too advanced and distract you away from the main training.
Richuack Premium
... ahhh, ok, now I understand !!!

Well, this was helpful, Thanks Diane !!! 😃