I've been searching on Jaaxy to help me choose a domain name before I purchase one. Is it important that the website name ranks high, or is that just important for the blog posts and pages? Is it a good idea to go with a catchy/easy to remember domain name even if it doesn't look great in Jaxxy?

The QSR is low at 60, KQI is "great", and SEO is 86. However, average monthly searches and estimated traffic are both less than 10.

There are lots of high traffic, low competition results for terms to write about in my niche. I'm just unsure how to proceed with the website name and would love some advice before that purchase :)

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AlexEvans Premium
The thing to bear in mind is that Google ranks content on pages and posts, as they have progressed they are not too concerned about keywords in domain names, they can get a little scratchy around exact match domain names.

It can be more about the content than anything else, starting out.

With the domain name, the best thing is to choose something that you can relate to, something that can become part of you. Building that website is like building a relationship. If you don't connect with the name, it can become hard work to keep that spark alive.

Look at something that rolls off that tongue it will be easier for people to remember and relate to, the shorter the better and if possible avoid Hyphens and number word combinations, if you are looking to create a blog.

Domain names are about us and the presence that we want to create but also they can be about the audience we are intending to reach out to.
Glen-FYDJ Premium
Hi Laura,

The great thing about being on WA is that you will very likely have multiple domains at a later stage. For your first its most important to just get started and to get used to focusing on your content being high ranking keywords in your content rather than placing too much focus on the ranking of your actual domain name in my opinion.

Think of a domain name that best describes what your business stands for, build your brand around that name and be constant with your content. Google tends to look for you to be providing insightful content that will be adding value for your customers.

Get into a good routine of posting regular, helpful and insightful content and you will be just fine. as the Nike slogan goes "Just Do It" the quicker you get into the business of doing and trying, the quicker you will find what works well on your site and what doesn't work quite as well.

Please feel free to help yourself to the FREE content and helpful hints in my posts, its there for everyone to make use of. I wish you every success, please remember, we have all been where you are right now, the best part is in the building!


AnisChity Premium
Just make sure the domain name is easy remember and its brandable, a keyword in your domain wont help a lot.
apache1 Premium
Perhaps, in the beginning, you may have a wonderful catchy name that people would like but if you don't have relevant content to your website they will leave quicker than they came and most likely won't come back.

Yes sure work on having a great domain name but make sure it is relating to your niche.

It doesn't have to be exact, but general and close enough to allow you to focus on the current specific niche but also to later expand a bit more as you build your presence online.

Also with a domain name don't add any commas, dashes, etc let it be a name that is simple to remember, relates to your niche and easy to type and not too long.

The main part is that you sure focus more on creating regular content that is informative and valid to your readers which will get you the higher ranking along the way.

Wishing you much success

LenkaSophie Premium
I'm not sure as I'm not an expert but I would say the most important thing is how the blog posts and pages rank. I know of some people who have a completely different name of their website than the niche and rank high with their posts.