When I search my keyword niche I can see my website is on the first page in Bing ( not on Google first page yet unfortunately) but jaaxy say not in first page- why is it not seeing it ?
Screen shot below

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Accurate enough taking into consideration disparity and updates.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may check out Site Rank in Jaaxy.

You may input your keyword and domain name.

First your posts get indexed and often days later down the line start getting noticed provided targeted keywords are searchable, new websites can rank efficiently.

But typically "authority" for a website starts to get established through time, usually the 3-6 month mark.

They fluctuate up and down the scale till Google decides where to place them.

Not all posts will get ranked, thus the recommendation to keep updating blog 2 - 3 posts a week and that's for the foreseeable future.


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jghwebbrand Premium
As an additional piece of info, Just because your post keyword phrase may rank number 1 in Bing does not mean it will rank #1 in Google search results. They are two different search engines with different ranking algorithms.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - Jaaxy is checking if you have the keyword of "vinyl records accessories" in your articles, not in the title of your website. You don't get ranked on your website name, each article is ranked individually based on its content.
Gaffer63 Premium
Ok great thanks! I guess that should be one of my articles soon
DavidBoyd1 Premium
It takes time for Google to see that your serious about what it is you doing. The content quality is super important as well. Never the less keep putting out good work, sticking around, using Jaaxie n reaching out to the Wealthy Affiliate community for answer and soon you'll be on page 1 of all the search engines.

Have a Good Day,
Bigtime Affiliate