I just want to know how spread the membership on WA is. Are there any people from Africa who have benefitted from WA?

Is anyone from Africa here who has made a decent amount of income worth the time and effort?

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ParthaB Premium
Hi Ernest,

Diane and Derek have uttered my sentiments in terms of what you need to do, or whether where you come from makes any difference.

However, just for you, Thabo is someone that I talk to frequently. He hails from South Africa.

Please be aware that he has been here for over 2 years.

The success he has had has come from his original site that he almost gave up on after months-and-months of posting articles.

He has found his "groove" now and I regularly read and comment on his review articles.

However, the guy works VERY HARD.

He shared his success of earning $5,000 per month now from this original website, but remember it took him 2 years to achieve this (and he was close to giving up).

Here's his blog post about his achievements (there are many more learning points in the 200+ comments of this blog post) Thanks
Whitestone1 Premium
Thanks Partha your response is awesome. Im glad i asked.
firstlearn Premium
I really don't think where someone comes from would give you a true indication of the capabilities of you with this program.

As Diane says we have over 2 million subscribers so unless you intend to blog in a lesser know language you have an equal chance of being as good as the best person in WA.

Yes, it takes time and work, but so does anything worth doing for profit.

Whitestone1 Premium
Fact checking. Blind positivity can cause crushes and depression. Thanks
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - with over 2 million subscribers, I don't think it would be possible to answer that question as regards the numbers by continent. There are definitely a lot of members here from African countries.

However, as you said, it does take time and effort, several months of consistent work before you can expect to see any income.
Whitestone1 Premium
Lovely reponse thanks