Where they created prior to joining WA or during the program? Or both? Just curious.

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Kathy331 Premium
There are many members who had sites prior to coming here, there's no way of telling unless you ask them! Mine were created here. :)
grampamike Premium
All my sites were created outside of WA. However, I got to playing around with WordPress and found it to be a better platform for running a business. I have since moved 3 of my sites here and will move a 4th in the future.
jhout Premium
Either way, mine are just the ones I created here. Some people link their Google+ accounts or LinkedIn/Facebook profiles etc. I will add that when you create your website it is not automatically linked. You have to add it yourself which is easy to do.
phydel Premium
mostly its during the program
marcelg Premium
Could be either. You can add any website.