Domain name id what:

Website icon and name:

Are they the same or do they has similarities: such as same icon on domain name and Website. Just really confused right now.

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JrzyGrlBJ Premium

Your domain name and website are one in the same.

You may choose a Website Icon or Logo that reflects the theme of your website. I have a rescue dog site, so mine is a paw print. This will show up in the header tab of your website no matter what post of page you are on. Ex:
Check the top left corner of the tap when you login to the site and you will the paw print.

Let me know if this helps at all.
TracieWaldon Premium
I went to the link and I did not see any icon
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
When you clicked on the link, you didn't see this paw (circle in red)?
See image below
TheCatherine Premium Plus
You purchase a domain which is a web address such as www.example of a and then you put your website address on it which has the same address