Good day,

I was introduced to WA by my father, member "DesDrummond". I subsequently visited WA and signed up for an account, without using his referral link (mistakenly).

I tried to rectify this before, but was told that I was already signed up under another referrer - however, this cannot be the case, because I visited the exact URL (only) for the home page of WA when I was signing up.

I would much appreciate if you could grant him the referral credit for my sign up, as well as set me as a member who he referred.

Thanks for your time.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Desmond,

This is not an issue that the community can help you with. To receive a resolve for this issue you will need to contact Kyle or Carson in a private message.

Click on Billing & Membership to reach Kyle in a private message.

Hope this helps you.
DDrummond2 Premium
Thank you.