Dear Support Team,
Having moved recently to WA, two DNS Records managed by myself (hosted by GoDaddy) were migrated to your servers. This also involved Google Workspace (GSuite) records for email (MX Records). Your support team kindly added them to your servers.
For both these ( and the SPF and DKIM were also enabled while with GoDaddy. But the records related to these have NOT been added to your servers and so both the GSuite accounts now have problems and particularly for '' account the email delivery is failing.

I had exported the DNS records from GoDaddy in 'TXT' format and I can send them to you if you need them to resolve this problem.

Can you please help me?

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feigner Premium
this hasn't come through to hte support team
you may want to click sitesupport and choose yes to sites and other then add the message again....
i hope you get it resolved
VivekanandaB Premium
I realized it after I hit 'Send'.
I have done what you mentioned.

Thank you for your quick response.

As such I am just getting to know how things work around here!
feigner Premium
no worries least you realized