A friend ask why not start with dropshipping instead? You can set your own selling price and earn a higher profit. Also, you can collect customer details like emails.

If you start on affiliate marketing, you have to rely on the small affiliate commission and giving the customer information to the seller.

May I know how will the WA experts respond to this?

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
It is a hard competitive road drop shipping and it it expensive to set up. Apart from anything else if you don't know how to drive traffic you won't make anything. The easiest cheapest way to start is affiliate marketing. It is as scaleable as you want and once you master it you can go and do anything else
WaMagic Premium
Hi Catherine, Noted. Thanks for sharing!
BryceNielsen Premium
I'm not an expert, only been in WA for about a month. But sometimes the affiliate commission is not small. It depends on which program it is.

WA's commissions are about 50% of the total price, while the ones at Amazon are much lower. It also depends on the value of the product being sold. There are some very expensive items sold on Amazon which could generate a large commission despite the low rate.

I haven't done dropshipping but you have to do all the work to create your web store first. It's better than buying all your product in advance but you still have to find someone to sell you the product wholesale.

In my one attempt at an online store, the products I researched wouldn't have given me any profit unless I raised my prices above what other competing sites were selling. I wasted time setting up a business and even hired my brother to work for me and never made one penny on the store.

I don't know who's telling you dropshipping pays better, but I disagree.
WaMagic Premium
Hi Bryce, Thank You for sharing your experience! Really Appreciated!