so i created my pretty links and added to all my text formats with no problem. When i tried using the link for certification and bootcamp courses on their course images then tried opening the image from my site, it takes me to a nee wimdow with this display "sorry the requestes does not exist". But goes ahead to show me the latest update page.

I dont know what i am doing wrong.

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Armlemt Premium
You should be able to add Pretty Links to an image the same way that you would add a regular image. Kyle goes through this in Certficatio Level 3. I cant recall exactly which lesson, but it believe it is the one where he is discussing how to do a product review.

Best Wishes,

Triblu Premium
Hey Nnakife,

Here is a really easy to follow video tutorial on using Pretty Links that I think you will find VERY informative: Hope this helps you.
Nqueen Premium
Thanks triblu for the link. Just watched it now. But my problem isnt with installing and adding the links, as i dont have a problem doing that with text formats, its only when i add to an image that i experience problems.for example, i added the link to certification course homapage to an image of the course but when i click it on my site, it says errorr the requested does not exist but stil takes me to a page that displays recent trainings.
Triblu Premium
It sounds like the link you used to make the Pretty Link may be your issue Nnakife. I would start there... and if that is okay, then make sure you haven't missed copying and pasting the Pretty Link.

Because you have not completed your "Follow Me on" section of your profile so that I could view your site, I can only guess what might be your issue.

However, here is a tutorial to help you add a link to an image: Hope this helps you.