Anybody having problems with

When trying to update or preview posts and pages in my siterubix test sites, nothing happens. I just get the message at the bottom of a blank new tab: "Waiting for This doesn't happen with my normal domain sites.

I've tried emptying the cache, auto optimizing, but whatever I do, nothing seems to work. This has only started happening withing the last day or two. Can't fathom out why it only happens in siterubix sites. Maybe a job for support.

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Sylvain34 Premium
Does someone know if they're still having server problem because my siterubix site is awfully slow and i almost can't do anything on it ?
Alan Hocking Premium
Everything is fine on my sites Sylvain I would contact support
AnnieCollyer Premium
i had to refresh to get it cleared.
MKearns Premium
Carson indicates this problem fixed. Clear and refresh then restart!
Harrysastar2 Premium
Thanks, Mike, wondered if it was hackers at work.
Fleeky Premium
Me too
Very slow

all better now
Just refresh page or restart your pc to clear memory
Should be ok now
Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi, Fleeky. Thanks, that's welcome news.