I'm absolutely intrigued by this community, and intent on becoming a premium member. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a pit financially and the only foreseeable way I'll achieve that for many months is if I use the first income I make from WA to upgrade.

I'd like to know how realistic that is/how long it could take, and whether anyone has managed this in the past.

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EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Leia,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

What's great about WA is that WA will pay commissions for starter members as well when you promote WA and people join and upgrade to Premium with your affiliate link.
You can click on the $ sign up top on the right. Click on Program Details. Then you can grab your affiliate link and share it with your family or friends who are thinking of building an online business through blogging as well.

When you click on Stats, scroll down, you can fill in your PayPal account the amount of minimum payout threshold.

Since you are a starter member, the amount of commission a starter member makes is half of what a premium member makes.

As a starter member when someone, your referral, joins under you and they upgrade to premium, you earn $4.00
(If YOU were a premium member you would earn $8.00)

As a starter member when that same referral pays for their 2nd month as a premium member, you earn $11.25 recurring
(If YOU were a premium member you would earn $23.50 recurring)

Hope this helps,
TheCatherine Premium
Yes it can be done but it is harder. After seven days you can no longer ask questions but you do have six months to build your website. You can use the week to find out how to share your Wealthy Affiliate link on social media