Hi folks;
I wonder if some experienced affiliate marketers from Canada or elsewhere outside the USA could please help me? Some affiliate marketing networks, ie: Flexoffers are requiring the W-8BEN form to be filled out.
From what I understand, it's important because if the USA government (IRS), doesn't see this form from people working outside the country...they will withhold some of the commission payment. So as a Canadian, for instance, I would be taxed twice.

Here I have a link to the W-8BEN form, plus a link to the instructions for filling it out:



Please, is there a kind soul that has been through this, who can show me what precisely to fill out?
I'm having a hard time making heads or tails out of this! LOL

Thank you very much,

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KatieMac Premium
hope you got it all sorted so glad ours looks a bit easier and I get it all done online, do the tax office not give you a breakdown on how to fill it in, or if you have a government small business adviser they can help
terrberr Premium
Gee; might be making a phone call today...thanks for all your help, luv:)
hron Premium
Hi terrberr. I'm in Denmark and done the W8, also getting several questions about the W8. So I made an example what to write.

Look at this image: http://www.learnwebtraffic.com/foto/w8benguide.gif

It's a different design than the official W8 (made by a specific affiliate network), but you should get the point.

It's no big deal, Bottom line is they need to get your declaration, that you live outside US, else they are required to withhold 30% US tax before payout. So to avoid double tax you need to fill this out.

regards Hans Ronne
terrberr Premium
This gives me a big clue now!
I have to go out today, but I will look at it more this evening.
I really appreciate this, my friend:)

theresroth Premium
I was able to download it through Adobe Reader on my smartphone, but I've always given my forms to a pro for filling out, so I can't advise......
terrberr Premium
Any little clue helps. Thanks, Therese:)
Bigbroian Premium
Terry, the links don't work.I've tried them from here and no luck. I'll try copy and paste.
Nope. Won't work that way either. Sorry,
terrberr Premium
Appreciate that, Brian.
I just tried from this post here, and they worked for me directly.
terrberr Premium
Off to bed here now...
gee I hope my dream comes true in the morning;)