As we are building out our websites, it is always nice to get some feedback and insights from "others" as to how we are doing. It can lead to us getting a better understanding of the process and it will lead to a much higher quality website.

If you are needing a website review, post your website URL here for feedback.


Hey guys, I am just building a website in the weight loss niche and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:


But remember, this is a community here at Wealthy Affiliate and don't just post your link and leave. Offer others the same sort of help you are about to get. Whenever you post your website here, make sure that you offer your opinions and insights on at least two other websites.

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CherryRed20 Premium
To those that are just being critical from one moment to the next are truly misunderstanding what I was trying to say....

Okay, again, I only had a question about my website to see if there is any way on how I can build content with it. I wasn't doing this for you to criticize me, and you know who are out there. So to those that are just going to do that, I will simply delete it, with no questions asked.

Have a good evening,

Irishredrose Premium
I must have missed something. What is your question?
CherryRed20 Premium
Thank you so much for giving the time to leave a comment of your concern.

It is about my website, as I have said before. My question regarding my website is that my website is still new and that it looks just a tad basic for me. I was just asking for some really delightful thoughts based on what kind of content I should use.

My website name is

Irishredrose Premium
Have you thought about adding a side bar? You can add all sorts of things to a sidebar and it would fill up the space on the right (or left depending on your theme options.) You can even add photos if you want.

I love that parrot pic. My grandma has a blue and gold Maccaw!

Maybe adding a heading image would make it less "basic". Again this depends on your theme.
CherryRed20 Premium
Alright, I will try it. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I really appreciate it. Have a good rest of the evening, afternoon, or morning.

P.S. I thank you for the compliment about the parrot. I thought it would look good with the profile pic.

Rackim Premium
Hello WA fam. If you happened to read and left a comment on my website for one of my article and I didn't give the favor back, I apologize. Had some technical issues with the platform but it's all been sorted out. You can leave your link here by replying to this then I'll get to it. Thank you

I also just posted the part two to the story on my website. Read leave a comment, and reply here to let me know so I can return the favor.
Computerchip Premium
Good afternoon, Rackim! I really enjoyed your "Why Men Cheat" article (and I left you a comment). My link is below. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

Carletta aka C.N.
Hey guys, I am just building a website in the WOMEN REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH niche and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:

I also appreciate if you guys can take a look at my latest and tell me if the style of presentation is good.
article here:

HAparri Premium
Hi everybody, a warm and pleasant greetings to all. Call me, Hazel. I am on the check as to how is my website working on the side of a visitor like you. Asking for a review on your end as regard to my site's performance, i am more than eager and happy to get to learn from your insight. And here is my site.
In gratitude, letting you know as well that i am pretty much open to feedback your website, please do let me know. A big thanks and many many more blessings, love, peace and abundance for us.
Willing to join hand with you,
Hazel here
ARoys1 Premium
Wow, i was so engrossed in your review. Its so well written and engaging that you just find yourself wanting to carry on reading more. I liked that you didn't slag another program but just wrote facts.
Well done. Very professional.
I am only a newbie but feel free to give me any constructive feedback. All will be appreciated. :)
Obiwankanobi Premium
You might be a newbie alright, but i tell you, you have good creative style and will do great eventually down the road. Your fonts though needs to be a bit bigger and readable.

I will also advice you take out the WA banner in one of your posts. Find a floral company that is tailored towards your niche and promote their banners in there instead.

All the same, good job.
Frik-Reyneke Premium
Hi your site is beautiful I love everything about your site, well done
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - your posts are quite difficult to read, having curly font subheadings, and being transparent showing a busy background through them.

You don't have an Affiliate Disclosure, which is a legal requirement. Take a look at this training.