As we are building out our websites, it is always nice to get some feedback and insights from "others" as to how we are doing. It can lead to us getting a better understanding of the process and it will lead to a much higher quality website.

If you are needing a website review, post your website URL here for feedback.


Hey guys, I am just building a website in the weight loss niche and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:


But remember, this is a community here at Wealthy Affiliate and don't just post your link and leave. Offer others the same sort of help you are about to get. Whenever you post your website here, make sure that you offer your opinions and insights on at least two other websites.

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AshTreptow Premium
Hey WAers!

I am starting a website based around the current climate catastrophe and would love some feedback on how you think I am doing! I will absolutely return the favor with a quality review, as I am learning a lot from all of you too!

Thank you in advance, and please reply with your website :)

JackieB830 Premium
Hi Ash

I left a comment on the ALTERNATIVES TO PLASTIC STRAWS – GO GREEN! Post.

I like your website, among other great things, it is very clean and the images are relevant to what you are talking about.

I saw some things that you might want to look at. However, if that is how you intended for your content to look, please ignore what I wrote. below

In the describing the Features of the Paper Straws, you did not put a space after the periods (.), not sure if that is how you want it.

In looking at the post, it looks like there are too many spaces before the following:


Under “GLASS STRAWS,” did you mean to put “But drop it on a hard surface and it’s over.” after “straw alternatives,” is so, it is on a separate line.

Under “STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS,” check for extra space above, “This collapsible option on a key chain is the perfect starter straw.”

I also look at the other pages on your website, and some of them also show extra spaces above the Headings. Again, if that was your intention, please ignore what I said.

Your provided well needed information, and will do a great job in educating your visitors. I expect your website to do very well.

Keep up the good work.

MikSkor Premium
Hi Ash, I found this article very useful since I now have a better understanding of the environmental damage of plastic straws.
I also left a comment.
steeph Premium
Hello everyone! I hope all is good.

I’m working on my website and my content to see if I can improve in something. If any of you could get me some feedback on my latest post, that would mean the world to me!

Thank you!
AshTreptow Premium
Hi Stephanie!

I really like your niche that you chose for your website. I am so happy that mental health is a dinner table conversation now, especially since 1 out of every 5 adults struggle with it. I do think that when it comes to explaining mental health solutions, you have to be very organized and detailed. Maybe break it up into sections like:
1- Your experience and where you are coming from (don't assume everyone had a terrible high school experience. Because they may not have, but when becoming an adult started to deal with some issues.)
2- Pressures of going to college
3- Pressures of a major
4- Pressures of finishing college
5- Alternatives to college (Being Happy, Healthy, and financially OK.)

I'm also wondering how you are planning on making passive income from this site? What products do you plan on reviewing and marketing?

I really like what you are doing, and I look forward to checking back in in about a month to see your progress! I would love it if you would check out one of my posts from my website and give me some feedback:

Keep up the great work, grl!
steeph Premium
Hello there Ash! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your feedback with me! I see your point and again, thank you for pointing that out for me. You see, I actually didn’t generalize the concept of hating school. I said “most” not “all” but thank you for acknowledging it, because I’m sure that a lot of people may have that concern as well.!
As to how I’m gling to earn revenue, there are a lot of resources on ClickBank, that I have already joined; I just haven’t started actually promoting them. I want to gain a little bit of more traffic first. But, there are also books and produce that regard mental health. You’d be surprised!

My feedback on your post:
As a reader I truly enjoy when pages are as clean as yours. Everything was in order and very easy to reach. That is actually the first post I’ve seen that talks about straws, which is very interesting. I like in Puerto Rico and here people don’t use any of your said alternatives. No one here really cares about the environment so they don’t really puta that much attention to straws as it is.
It was really such an informative and interesting article! I have never heard of glass straws, that’s really an interesting yet concerning thing to get, at least in my opinion.

Regardless of it all, you have an amazing website! Good luck with everything.
VRichard1 Premium
Hi all have just completed Lesson 2 on Level 3 so have been tasked to ask for some feedback on my latest post please?

If your interested in installing a boiling hot tap in the kitchen this might be up your street if not have a think about it anyway and feel free to leave comments at the bottom please.

This does not have actual links in yet as not covered in the lessons but will soon.

Thanks again Richard. UK
Magic-Mike Premium
... IMO, you're the expert, so I'd say angle each product listing as though you were ranking them, explaining what seperates them apart from each other and the reason why "the winner", in your opinion was right for you. Otherwise, quality content; A+
VRichard1 Premium
Thanks for you feedback and giving my content A+. So I feel I am doing good quality content now. Just need to get the links in place and then traffic!!

Regards Richard UK.
Bcoulter1 Premium
hey yall, I created a website at
it's basically a website that I am hoping to use my wealthy affiliate links on and one day gain some referrals!! (fingers crossed)
any feedback would be appreciated! too much writing? color scheme okay? any advice in general would be great! thx guys! and good luck with your own websites and dreams!
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Brandi!

It's always helpful to view a site from the audience's perspective...

now having said that -- what would be the feedback from a user's point of view? ...

this is only one opinion -- good efforts on your part in developing your site -- passionate it is with the pink colour -- however pink is known to be distracting after a certain length of time so you may want to go to a lighter tint ...

and with the 'movement' -- it's a wee challenging for the viewer to keep focused on your messaging ...

suggest take a look at Google -- notice all the white space visually and font type & sizing ...

well, that's it for now -- all the very best to you for every Success,

cheerio .. ⭐️😊⭐️
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - funny you should mention the colour scheme, I really don't like it! On the home page, you have a mix of red, peach, pink, black, white, blue. Then, when we get to your other pages, you throw green, purple and orange into the mix! Too many different colours, plus white font is never recommended. It leads to a poor user experience, being difficult to read.

Your Privacy Policy looks incomplete. It has subheadings with no information under them, and you need to have a contact email address in it. There is an up to date version in Site Content you can adapt.

You don't have an Affiliate Disclosure, which is mandatory by law. Again, there is a template in Site Content.
JasonHe Premium
Hi there,

One more thing I would add is the quality of images - some of your page/post images are showing up blurred. Maybe it's because of size that you uploaded. But visitors usually equate the quality of website with the quality of images on it. there are bunch of royalty/rights free image site like pexels pixabay ...
Wendyann1 Premium
Hello everyone.
Thank you all for following me and welcoming me to the family.
The training has been going amazingly well. I purchased my domain and created my website.
my niche will be notary. I have not created any content still figuring how to start. I did created my blog love doing that.

Thanks again for the support. I would greatly appreciate some feedback on my blog.

Best wishes,

JackieB830 Premium
Hi Wendy

I left a comment on you October 9 post.

Very informative blog (looks like a post to me). I did not know of a Traveling Notary Public, but it did not surprise me because so many things are changing.

Phillip Traveling Notary Public: this link did not work for me, but all the others did.

Did you intend to leave all that space after “Services,” That is how it looks on the website:

“As a Notary Affiliate Educator I provide NotarySupplies- Notary Educational Services Notary training- Notary Stamps and Seals- Bonds and Insurance and a variety of Notary Journals-

**a dash (or hyphen)*** is needed between Notary and Supplies "NotarySupplies"

Looks like there are extra spaces above the heading,” Bringing the Notary Public To You”

If you intended for the things I have mentioned to be as they are, please ignore what I said.

Wendyann1 Premium
Hello Jackie,

I appreciate the comment. You are absolutely correct on your findings. I really botched that I should have waited for my Notary Affiliate approvals (which I now have)
Double work for me now to make all the corrections and make it look like a website and not a post. Hopefully I can rebrand it and publish it the right way.

I'm going to slow down. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

JackieB830 Premium
Yw Wendy, I believe that you should be able to edit you blog without issues. Look for the edit section on the page.

Hope that helps.

JackieB830 Premium
I would appreciate if you would leave a comment on one of my post or page, just chose one.

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance for your help.