As we are building out our websites, it is always nice to get some feedback and insights from "others" as to how we are doing. It can lead to us getting a better understanding of the process and it will lead to a much higher quality website.

If you are needing a website review, post your website URL here for feedback.


Hey guys, I am just building a website in the weight loss niche and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:


But remember, this is a community here at Wealthy Affiliate and don't just post your link and leave. Offer others the same sort of help you are about to get. Whenever you post your website here, make sure that you offer your opinions and insights on at least two other websites.

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Ladia9901 Premium
Hi everyone,

I have just created a new review post. I would really appreciate some comments and feedback on it

Please don't just write a random comment. Take your time and to write something that will lead to discussion and as usual I will return you the favor.

Thank you in advance.
dano81 Premium
Hi Delyana,

I really enjoyed reading the content on your website. It was very informative and it definitely sounds like you know what your talking about with all the information you provide...thorough and objective! I also really like the design and layout of your website. I'm brand new to WA and a lot of the customization you've done I'm looking to do myself but having trouble. Maybe you could point me in the right direction or give me some pointers???
Ladia9901 Premium
what do you need help with
dano81 Premium
1. How did you get your content to appear within a white background (called a wrapper in web design) and then also your main blue background surrounding your content. It looks like you used some custom CSS for that or is that just the natural formatting for your chosen theme...looks real nice!

2. How did you create your table of contents with links to all your sections on your page?

3. How did you install videos?

thanks for your reply and sorry it took a few days to respond.
Hey guys, how are you? I wish you all doing well, I am building and growing up my web site, and I am interested in your opinion and feedback, and please leave your comment and opinion in the comments in the web site, it will help me a lot to develop
web site link

Thanks! stay safe .....
Ivan88 Premium
Hi there, I've been to your site and I think you have got a lot of great products there and your site looks very good. But I haven't seen any content like blog posts or reviews. How will you drive traffic to your site then?
bstark1000 Premium
Hi Waleed, My impression of your website is that of a storefront. It all appears to me that it's more about advertising and selling than it is about helping people by presenting information which will help them and make them want to follow your website.

It appears that you're just beginning here. I encourage you to take the training and the webinars. I think that you'll learn new approaches to your online business that will provide consistent traffic to your website.

And just know, there's a whole community of us here that are willing to help you succeed if you want to work for it,

Good luck on your journey, Waleed!

hi Bob....
thank you a lot for your advice ... I appreciate it
your opinion will help me a lot
thank you again
hi Ivan, how are you?
I am posting on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram..... and others, but I do not if that will help to drive traffic to my web site?
how you can help with dive traffic to my web site?
thank you a lot
ErikaB1 Premium
Just reviewed a new book: The Institute by Stephen King. Would appreciate some feedback on the post. Especially about the length and content of the review. It’s my first non-educational related book review. Thanks in advance!

If Stephen King or book reviews aren’t your thing, feel free to give me feedback on the general layout of my site. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
ArjunC Premium
Hi Erika,

Stephen King fan here. I have been reading the guy now for nearly two decades! For the last couple of years, I have taken a break from King and his captivating words & situational descriptions.

However your review on 'The Institute' has rekindled the morbid curiosity that makes SK fan's turn the page. Just when you think things are bad enough, King finds a way to make it scarier!

The length of the review is ideal. The reader can clearly feel the reviewer's fascination with King's storytelling in 'The institute'. However, the tip I shall leave you with is regarding the imagery that u have used:

As soon as the post opens, you have three large photos of the same book cover (see screenshot). A terrible waste of space, I'd say. It might have a negative effect on the person browsing - due to the fact that he cannot see any content.

My suggestion: leave only one cover photo, and remove the other two. This will give the reader easy access to the actual written content of your post. Three pics of the same cover (and so close to each other) is a little redundant - don't you think??

Take care,

BensonE Premium
Hi everyone, I am just building a website in the weight loss niche (in phase III) of my training, and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:

I promise to return the favor back.
Thanks in advance

JDTorino Premium
Great posts on your website. Very informative and good use of images.

Your subtitle states: Provide Genuine Enriched Informational Fitness and Health Site
It sounds a bit off, maybe try this:
Provide Genuine and Enriching Fitness & Health Information or something to that effect.

I left a comment on your site as well. Would love for you to check out my site and leave feedback or comment -

Thank you so much!
Goldtooth Premium
I was working in phase II lesson 4, and was instructed to make a sample review page according to the lesson. I posted at the bottom of that lesson, and seems to not be the best place to get serious, critical reviews. So I'll try here and would appreciate someone's critical review on how to make it better. It is at:

I'd be more than happy to return the favour.
BensonE Premium
Just left a comment on your review post. I love the review, very simple and detailed,, and I personally love it for the fact it provide all the detailed especially the membership fees which is what I called integrity.
At first, I thought the all white is kind of dull, but then as I read it made all easy for me so I kind it all based on individual.
Overall, I think is amazing review.
Here is my site if you have a spare time to help and give me a feedback.

Goldtooth Premium
I enjoyed reading the whole thing! Especially your "about me" page. I can see that you've put a lot of effort into the site. Your photo was a knockout - a truly fine looking gentleman.

I focused on the most recent post, "stress and the effects to the body". I can tell that you are well learned in school, but I have to ask if English is your 1st language? I suspect not, as you have trouble with grammar in subtle little ways that a native speaker wouldn't. It doesn't detract from the message, but sometimes tripped me up as I am a slow reader. Then again, you've only had the post up a few hours and still have time to polish it.

I left a post on the page too. I like what you are doing and encourage your efforts. All the best. Goldtooth