name is Miroslava

much appreciated cheers Tracey

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MoritzS Premium
Like Robert (boomer) said in another thread:

Don't do this!
Wait till they have set up their account and then ask them if they want to be introduced to the WA community.

Give them time to look around. If suddenly loads of people come rushing to their profile they might get driven away.
It also looks like people here at WA are desperate to get new members.

You don't see experienced members like Nathaniell, boomer, etc. do this!
For a reason!

If new members don't set up their profile then they are most likely not really interested and you can't do anything about it.
4GoodBuy Premium
Well I Thank all the people who welcomed me here in my first few days - I was welcomed by a number of people in the first few days and felt welcomed and comfortable enough to wander around other people profiles and found there were lots of other people like me so I felt WA was more believable and the people were more 'real' and not staged... but what would I know I'm still 6 wks new here and some 50 yr old woman who my kids say I should be left alone with "technology" cos I'm is not computer savy at all...
AnaRosado Premium
I think when you reply to someone it's more polite if you don't use so many exclamation marks and be a little bit more humble.
Please don't do this to me. It would really drive me away.
I know you meant well, but you didn't do it the right way.
In my humble opinion. :)
MoritzS Premium
I got welcomed by many people, too (after I set up my account; picture and some text).

I just recommend to use the automatic messages first.
You still can introduce them to your friends when you have their consent to do so.

@AnaRosado: Punctuation is not limited to "dots" for a reason. ;)
If I had used only dots it wouldn't have shown how important the mesage was to me I tried to deliver.
AnaRosado Premium
I use a lot of punctuation. I just use it in a positive way ;)
I just meant, and hope you didn't get offended by it MoritzS, that you came in to hard! The message was past on before and she got it.
She's learning like all of us every day, because we are humans, and we have that ability! That does not mean she has to do everything the same way as others do! She's a thinking woman!
She gets information, she processes it in her brain, and she decides what she thinks will work best for her. And then she tries it out. In this case she had already left a message on the person in question and asked her to complete her profile and upload a picture! I still think you came the wrong way.
Cheers Ana! !? ^_^ ♡ ;) "《》"
MoritzS Premium
Don't worry.
These are the internets where I hardly ever get offended.
Actually I was worried, that I offended you.

Well, I am German and we don't beat around the bush. We like to say what we mean straightforward. ;)
(I am joking...a bit. :p)

Everybody does what he/she thinks is best, but when I see that someone is doing something wrong (in my opinion) then I will let this person know about it (maybe a bit to harsh in this case).

Moritz :)
marctko Premium
Done and congrats Tracey!
steviedean Premium
done and done :)
anderscj Premium
Have welcomed and followed Tracey.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thank you
Pisquali Premium
Can we hold off until she creates a profile? :-)
4GoodBuy Premium
Of course if you prefer - Thanks for taking the time to read and reply cheers Tracey