Hello everyone!

As the title says, I really need a good advice on starting a brand new review Website.

TL;DR (too long; didn't read):

My main question here is whether it is worth it or not? Can this type of Websites generate good income nowadays? If yes, how long does it usually take before you start earning your commissions, if you're posting, say, 3 reviews/week (based on your experience)?

Thank you all in advance!!!

Here are some more thoughts and questions for those of you, who have more time and patience :)

First off, here's what I have in mind: my current Website, as I see it, is more of a long-term project and it probably won't generate a lot of income in the near future, which isn't good for me and my family right now. This made me think of creating a simple review site, which, in my opinion, can lead to sales more quickly and thus will help me at least pay my bills and after some time will let me focus on my current Website more easily.

I would really appreciate it if someone who has a good amount of experience with such sites could give me a valuable advice and opinion on this.

A little more detail on what kind of site I want to create - here are three niches I've been thinking about:

  1. Mass Effect merchandise review site (Mass Effect is a series of video games; there are all kinds of game related-stuff to purchase out there - from T-Shirts to highly-detailed metal space ship models).
  2. Gaming tablets review site.
  3. Laptop bags review site.


  1. Are these niches narrow enough, i. e. are they really niches or should I choose something more specific?
  2. Which one of those three do you think is the best to work on and why?
  3. What are the most common mistakes people make while working on such sites?
  4. For how long do you think this kind of Websites will be "in demand" for Internet users? A couple of years? Decades?
  5. Is it OK to write only reviews and nothing else on a Website (in terms of indexing and rankings)?
  6. What else can I write about on these sites that will help visitors in some way - other than reviews?
  7. What kind of relevant freebies can I create to give to my audience (like e-books, e-mail newsletters, etc.)?
  8. The best WordPress theme for a review Website?
  9. What are some good affiliate networks related to the three niches I mentioned (other than Amazon, Commission Junction and Rakuten Linkshare)?
  10. Any cool domain name ideas? :)
  11. Any other advice?

Again, thank you all in advance - any advice and/or opinion would be very much appreciated!

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ArjunUllaz Premium
Hi, there are more opportunities for your niche but still it is a competitive niche which is quite difficult. If you can think out of the box then it can help you with. Even I have a blog with the same concept and it took me 3 months to earn $1 from AdSense and no Amazon sales yet and other niches with other concepts are already earning more than mine which started on the same date but still am happy with my blog. It depends on your interest and how genuinely you can write.
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Arjun,

Thank you for the comment!

It's all true - my current site also earned me around $1.20 in the first 3 months via AdSense and then - $0.5 after 4-5 months through an affiliate link. But it's not strictly a review site and some of the stuff I write there isn't focused on selling at all.

Right now I'm thinking of something that will create a good source of income for my family in about a year or less - and that's not what I will be able to achieve with my current site or at least I believe so.

Btw, could you please share the link to your site that you've mentioned? It would be nice to have a look at it. I take it it's not the one in your profile, am I correct?