THANK YOU for coming over - My site problem has been RESOLVED :)

Before I ask Kyle or Carson, thought I'd ask again if anyone can advise me what I should do.

I think something went wrong after the theme update was done.

Perhaps to explain my problem clearer:

There should be 5 posts in this Category, but I can only see 2 of them.

Also, the first one has the Read More button, but the second one doesn't have.

This was my question and the responses from yesterday:

I had a backup using Tools - Export. But what do I do with it?

Latest reply received from Site Support:

As support staff here we can only answer Hosting related technical issues. You can ask your site-building/ training related queries on your blog, Live chat or WA ClassRoom.

You can contact Kyle or Carson via PM, the profile URL are given below,

Thank you.

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dazwilk Premium
Hi Sue, have you tried disabling your plugins one by one often a plugin may be the cause if it is not compatible with the newer version of WP or your theme.

I also recommend you submit a support ticket, there should be a backup of your site on the WA server that support can restore for you.

All the best and hope you get it sorted.
murphyong Premium
Try check the categories, menus and side panel display. Try select the post and add them in the menu. Hope this helps.
BillLuhrs Premium
Without looking into your dah board it looks as if there is something wrong with the tagging of your posts and pages . I am sure you have checked with how your theme handles the categories , how does red wave theme handle categories ? Are those posts located in your archive ? Some times it just needs to go over each step of your site build and retrace your steps .
Wish you all the best
TheOldSilly Premium
Good advice. Hope she got it.
mijareze Premium
Sorry can't help you either. It's probably too late to recommend a good backup plugin. Hopefully, you'll recover your missing posts.
Mark1957 Premium
Hi there Sue,
Sorry I can't help you as I'm not a techie of any kind but I do hope you can get this solved soon......I know it can be so frustrating when you can't make progress for some daft reason or another.
Good luck Sue, take care