Hi All!
I've been away from WA for a while, and decided to start over with my classrooms - level 1 in case I missed newer, current materials. (I got hung at the website design stage!)

So, I came to the left panel of my page (Classrooms) to see the curriculum.

Then, I saw the upper tabs on this page for resources under Tutorials, Video, and Courses pertaining to each Classroom. I opened the Courses area and I only see old Lessons/materials dated from as far as 2005. I don't see more current materials, but do see current posts for WA community.

Can someone help with these questions?

1) Where do I find the most current training courses?

2) Where do I find a curriculum showing what I'll learn for each Classroom? (i.e., writing resources)

3) I recall seeing a few months ago that new training material was posted, and to not bother with some older ones. Does anyone know where the best place to start over with current materials so I don't waste my time looking at old training resources?

I appreciate any support and guidance you can offer!



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FTurner8032 Premium
I think your best bet may be to click the "Get Started Here" tab on the left of the screen. I glanced at a few of the pages there and it looks like that have been recent updates. You can go through this section and compare it to what you have done in the past and make any revisions you choose.

I review the lessons regularly and sometimes find things that either I missed, did wrong or have been added new. It is well worth the effort.

Joanne-G Premium
Hi Frank,
Thanks for your feedback. This is my plan, however, I recall reading months ago to avoid duplicating efforts with some training materials as they are dated, and to engage the newer updated ones. I was hoping to identify which ones these are.

Either way, revisiting the materials to see where I got lost, or as I learn in layers, seeing something new as with fresh eyes.
Blessings to you, too for a wonderful and prosperous 2018!
FTurner8032 Premium
I am pretty sure that when you open a training module you will see at the top of the page the date of the last update. Maybe that will help you.

As far as duplicate efforts is concerned, if you are just continuing to build your original sites with new material, or if you are revising your original material and re-publishing it, I don't think that will cause you any problems.