what I mean is there are loads of people on here alone so surely they ate all pretty much gone. Even if I find a niche, what's to stop someone more experienced than me (not hard!)/taking my idea and doing it far better than I ever could?

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GPeN87Bridal Premium
There are clings with interests and expertise. More importantly there to help people. Don't get bored with the idea of helping people yet once you find yourself be saved from in a very complicated maze. Find the ones you can get your writing out fast, and also products, that's why we join affiliates. Let's say if you plan to sell drawings but planning to sell digital copies, then you plan to draw more, but the writing content gets skipped, and time is eaten up.
Feel more comfortable in choose a niche or two, we are always proud of you, no matter which niches selected
MarineMom Premium
To have your questions and concerns answered, start your lessons to the left of the screen.....Get Started Here. The internet is open 24/7 around the world. There is plenty of room for all types of niche ideas and the possibilities are endless. Good luck!
mvgranger12 Premium
Hello! That is actually a great question. Even thought it might seem that way, there are plenty of niches to go around. Even if there are a lot of people in one niche, you can still find a way to be successful in it. There are plenty of resources that can help you stand out from everyone else.

If you want to find a different niche, you can go to Clickbank.com or Amazon to get some ideas. All of the categories that you see listed on Clickbank and Amazon are niches that you can choose from. Also, as you go through the training courses, you'll learn how to find a niche and eventually learn how to make money within it. Here's a post that explains how to find a profitable niche: One of the members here at WA also found a great article about how to beat the competition in your niche: Hope this helps,