Hi i just want to know if keeping a basic account after the 7 days of unlimited online-questions means that you'll never be able to make money or something like that.

Seriously, that countdown going backwards as each second pass looks kinda terrorific but apart from being unable to ask to the community in real time, what are the additional disvantages of not upgrading to premium?.

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JohnMks Premium
Lol! Absolutely not, you can upgrade whenever you want.

Premium is only for you if you really want to dedicate and become really serious about your online business.
Loes Premium
Go premium, will be an investment in knowledge and in yourself. And for all I know, most courses, less comprehensive as the one you are looking at right now, are way more expensive than what WA is presenting you. The fee of 359 for an annual subscription is, in a way, a laugh. When you take a close look at what you are getting back for it, hosting, websites, technical support, security, community support, and that all on top of the lessons?
For me, it's a no-brainer.
debcarr Premium
Being premium will really involve you with the community. Also, you can build up to 50 websites. The information and tools on Wealthy Affiliate are phenomenal. You just need to keep at it and learn from all the experienced people that are making an income online. Good luck.
Henry-II Premium
If you remain as a starter member you will be basically by yourself: no feedback, no comments, no place to ask questions. But you will retain your 2 subdomain sites and they can rank in Google and also generate revenue. It will be harder because they are subdomains, but it’s possible.
AlanGonzalez Premium
@mikewood1975 @Ken-Pringle Thank you for your questions!
Ken-Pringle Premium
My pleasure Alan.
MatthewLS Premium
Besides not communicating with the community I would say that it would take longer, for google to rank your site and get the traffic rolling to make money eventually. You can still do it with the starter account but it is better to upgrade if you can. If not then hey keep working on your siterubix sites until, the day comes you can upgrade. I hope the best for you and your journey.
mikewood1975 Premium
It is so much easier if you go Premium, but you don’t have to. You get to keep your two sites.
Ken-Pringle Premium
You can continue building your 2 free subdomains.
The big disadvantage is it will take a lot more work and
time to make any money at the basic account level.
The good news is it can be done.