I have been following along in the training, but I still have no clicks what am I doing wrong? The only click I have was by Sam's.

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jghwebbrand Premium
It does take time. A lot depends upon your niche and how many searches are done on your post keywords. But it most definitely takes time.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - this is very early days for your website. It takes several months before you start getting traffic.

The first step is that your website as a whole is indexed. Following on from that, each post you write is indexed individually.

The final stage is when Google ranks your posts and decides which page to put them on its search engine results. This can easily take 6 months for a brand new website.

Google needs to see that you are an authority on your niche subject, and that means having lots of original, informative content on your chosen niche.

Realistically, nothing much happens until you have written around 30 posts. So, for now, just concentrate on writing as much as you can.
Juanette Premium
Thank you this helps me a bunch!