Hey Kyle,

How are you?

I need your help with niche selection please.

Here are some of the things that I am very passionate about:
1. Internet Marketing
2. Boxing
3. Chess
4. Barbecue
5. Local Marketing
6. Local Marketing
7. Lead Gen for Local Businesses
8. Online dating
9. Dog training
10. Software reviews

Where should I start.

Can you also take a look at one of my sites at https://thewisechoices.com. It is almost finished


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merlynmac Premium
I have a few I like out of that list:

1) Internet Marketing - with this one you can go right onto Affiliate Bootcamp and promote WA if you wish.

2) Barbecue - Accessories, recipes and so on...I see a lot of potential here.

3) Dog Training - People spend a tone of money on their pets...you can make some cash here as well.
Torgom Premium
Thanks a bunch
merlynmac Premium
Any time.