The goal of my website is to provide a navigation tool for people looking for entertainment content (podcasts, videos, live show dates in different cities, merchandise, etc.). This doesn't really demand a bunch of conversation/comments. This will be more of a source of information/updates on an industry...

Will this have a negative effect on my site down the road? Will this decision make it difficult to gain traction/traffic without comments? Comments in entertainment (in particular) can be horrific and unveil the worst in us.


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Selenityjade Premium
Do you mean, can you have a website without a comment section? Is that what you mean by 'a voice' from what you are describing here?

You can definitely have a website with the comment section turned off. There are quite a few that don't want comments, either to save time or because they don't think it adds anything to their website.

Here's an SEO expert weighing in on comments:
DHammons Premium
YES! In addition to your interpretation of my inquiry, the "voice" I am referring to is my own voice; top ten lists, product reviews, opinions on content, etc.

Thank you for the link S
Selenityjade Premium
That voice you just said is what I had thought this question would be about until you started talking about the comment section. ^_^

Honestly, you don't necessarily need to publish the top ten lists or anything like that, but having a voice makes it easier for people to relate and trust you on certain things. Top ten lists are just easier to rank sometimes as well as gives more of 'fun' posts.

You don't want an impersonal site, even if you want to keep it strictly professional with no 'fun posts'. You want to relate to your audience because 'informative' content with no voice is like an essay and I honestly don't know many people who read those. They tend to be boring. You definitely don't want to bore your audience. With the HUGE amount of content on the internet, the back button is used liberally when a page loads too slow, bores someone, or has too many popups, whatever, people won't stick around to find out if your page has the information they're looking for. That's why they recommend having a conversational tone in posts.

But it depends on your niche, what ideas you have in place because maybe you can pull it off without sounding like a dry textbook. It depends on the problem you're looking to solve as well. Say, if you're going to be targetting college professors, more informative and less personality might be fine.

Think about your target audience. Then write to them. But you don't have to give opinions on things to have personality. Just make your word usage fun instead of just 'textbook'.

I'd say try it the way you want to, then ask for feedback in the Site Feedback section on your content. People should tell you if you bored them there or not. ^_^