Hi WA Team,

I have two domains up for renewal through DoDaddy. I would have to also pay privacy fees. (total $62/CDN /year).

I learned that it's best to keep the domains / webmail separate from the Hosting company incase something happens to the hosting company, I still have access to my domains/website and email account.

I was informed by WA Site Support that if I renewed/purchased my domains through WA, and ever stopped my Premium membership fees, I would all access to my website and email accounts. This is a bit unsettling in case I ever choose to leave WA.

Do you have any advice, thoughts on this topic that can help me make a decision with ease?

Thanks so much,


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accad Premium
Other domain hosts will keep what you bought and remind you if you want to renew. Maybe WA will do too if anything happens.
MarionBlack Premium
I transferred each my domain names to WA when it was time to renew. GoDaddy charges extra for privacy which is included here at WA. If you canceled your premium membership you could still have your domain names registered here but you would have to move the hosting to another company. The email addresses are always set up wherever your websites are hosted.
ShuiHyen Premium
Hi Joanne,
If you're comfortable to separate the domain/webmail from hosting company, then go ahead. There is no harm doing that except paying for some extra fees.

All my domains are hosted with WA and if ever l leave WA, I can easily move my sites to another hosting company. Further in WA, I have to pay my domain renewal fee yearly only and the hosting are free up to 25 own domain. Thereby, I can save a lot of money for hosting.

I am happy with site support services provided so far.