I looked over the content and images in my WP editor. Everything is spaced and placed exactly as I want it. It has been updated 3 times now with no changes, But when I visit my site, I have 3 images that were once on one line, spread 1 each on 3 lines. The centering is way off. Some lines start in the middle of the page, when they are actually showing starting at the beginning of the page in WP??
PS - as soon as I visit my site, the first thing I do is refresh. I also did this 3 times, none of the changes I made in WP are saving to my site??

Can somebody please help me?


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Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi, Glenn, one of the things that causes this problem is the images being too large for the allotted space.

There are various ways you can align images and text side by side depending on whether your using the block, visual or text editors, but, personally, I find the div element normally works quite well using html in the classic editor, This is what the code would look like for three side-by-side images before inserting the images and text:

<div class="row">
<div class="column">
<div class="column">
<div class="column">

When you have decided on the images, you need to save and upload them to your media library then insert them into your page or post. Purely for demonstration purposes, I've used the same image for each column.

Once uploaded and inserted in your page or post go to text editor and insert the image source of each image under each of the columns. To add the text, use the <p></p> tags as shown in the examples.

In Images 1and 2 is the result of images being to large for the allotted space. In Images 3 and 4 is the result of reducing the image size. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Kingschido Premium
Try using a different web browser to access your site. Otherwise Try using the above link to clear your browser cache, and see what happens.
Good luck
1Rudy1 Premium
Oh, yeah! I forgot to add that in my reply...lol. check different sources and browsers...
1Rudy1 Premium
Hey Glen,

I just checked your site on my phone. I see what you mean about your images.
Question, did you place three separate image's in your featured image area, or add a featured image and added images to the gallery?

The text lined up, but I think your padding may be too wide. Side padding should be nor more than 5px each side (for a total of ten), our your mobile view will bee too narrow and your images won't fit properly.

What builder are you using - WP block editor, WP classic or Elementor? Or any other?

Although quite a few folks here type their posts first here in the website site pages, once you post them into your WordPress, you will need to make adjustments.

The formatting is different between the two.

Check your site option in admin to view desktop and mobile devices if possible, to give you the best view. You can modify each level, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, separately without changing the overall view...thats what I like about using Elementor. They provide all three views.

In customize, check your header sizes. There used to be a standard setting for the headers..H1, H2, etc. Even a few pixels smaller can make a big difference in size.

Check your header margins....mobile real estate is valuable, and blank areas seem perfect on desktop, yet, appear too wide on mobile.

On a Feb post-
When I look at this on my phone, held vertically, I see three images, one above the other...
When I turn my phone horizontally, I see two images side by side, and the third below (left).
This can be changed by adjusting the image from large to full or from 300x300 to 150x150.

Regarding your images, stop cropping.
Reduce your images BEFORE you add to media gallery.

Featured images and images added to your blog post work best at 800 x 600. First number is width, second is height.

Depending on the builder you use, you can modify the image location using different formats, full, contain, cover and custom.

Try these out to see which ones work to fix the issues your having, Glenn.

lurtchatv Premium
WOW - this sounds like a lot of great information Rudy. Thank you so much. I am presently watching Jay's live training of the Block Editor. Hopefully I will pick up some tips there as well. Thank you for this very detailed reply. I appreciate it so much 👍👍
1Rudy1 Premium
You're very welcome, Glenn. Jay provides a wealth of information, so you will be sure yto pick up something from the video!

BruceStephen Premium
Hi Glenn try viewing your website from another device and if it looks OK then try clearing your cache as per Abie's suggestion. If that fails then contact site support with your screen shots of the problem.

I hope that you get it sorted out.
Toutsie Premium
I have exactly the same problem, can't get the same setting.
Thank you, I will contact the support.