WOW!!!! I just did my first "about me" page and the process was very exuberant! I feel very confident bout my first webpage and the more I get into this, the more it becomes all about my audience and less about just making money. I mean I finally have the opportunity to do something I have been trying to do for so long, but didn't have any idea on how to get it done. I'm back into studying the thing I'm most passionate about and I very excited, already have ideas for my next page and cant wait to publish!!!! I always like to try and give advice to anyone who may have not yet had the opportunity to create their webpage. So if that is you my advice is to pick a niche in reference to something that you are passionate about or just have a lot of knowledge about. It makes being a part of WA that much greater, your work will be easier and your success will be grander because you are doing something you love to do. I wish everyone much success in their journey with WA :)))))....ALL SMILEZ

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nomda ploom Premium
it is early morning here, so I might not be shining as brightly as I could- but did I miss the link? Just wondering! Great stuff- your enthusiasm is infectious. Andy
CharlotteH39 Premium
Thanks guys. just know that you all are a part of the joy i feel as great supporters and intelligent WA members!!!
pas1745 Premium
Hello CharlotteH39. I am wishing you all the success here at WA. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. I am glad you completed your "About Me" page!
Starcreator Premium
That's great that your processing. Good luck to you with your site.
KatieMac Premium
It is exciting when you see things coming together, glad your enjoying the experience, wish you lots of luck
IamCurtis Premium
Well done. :-)