I received the following e-mail in my website Atmail inbox on 29 Dec.

I'm not sure if it's true of not and dare not click on the links in case of virus attachments.

Could anyone please advise me what I should do?

On Thu 29/12/16 4:16 PM , "Layla Powell" wrote:

Dear Domain Owner,

Our system has detected that your domain: Achemicalpeel.com is being used for spamming and spreading malware recently.
You can download the detailed abuse report of your domain along with date/time of incidents. Click Here

We have also provided detailed instruction on how to delist your domain from our blacklisting.

Please download the report immediately and take proper action within 24 hours otherwise your domain will be suspended permanently.

There is also possibility of legal action depend on severity and persistence of your abuse case.

Three Simple Steps:
1. Download your abuse report.
2. Check your domain abuse incidents along with date and time.
3. Take few simple steps for prevention and to avoid domain suspension.

Click Here to Download your Report

Please look into it and contact us.

Best Regards,
Domain Abuse Dept.
Tel.: (139) 714-12-81

Thank you.
~ Sue

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DaveSw Premium
Spam - pretty sure on that one....Bob nailed this one! : )
suetay Premium
Thank you so much, Bob.:)
It's a relief to know as it's New Year's Eve and having my site suspended permanently would have been a major catastrophy!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Sue, If your domain is registered here at WA.
I would forward a copy of this email to support.
Do not download anything. I do not believe the
phone number is real.
suetay Premium
Thanks so much for your advice, Ken.
I think it's spam alright.
I sent a reply to the sender but the e-mail was undeliverable!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Sue, always ask when you are not sure.
Rule of thumb, never open an email that
you did not request.
Have a safe and prosperous 2017.