Is this idea US based or does it also works for Europe? For example: when I put in a banner for Amazon will it be for someone who goes to the US site or will it also work when that person goes to Amazon France or Germany or whatever?
Just starting so bear with me for the next couple of days...

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megawinner Premium
For Amazon get the link for specific country you would like to be visible. Cheers!
TheCatherine Premium
AMazons tool is I think called one link
feigner Premium
with amazon you will need to apply for the different one where you expect your visitors to come from.
and add the onelink script (from the american amazon) to your footer
so maybe start with amazon us and the add amazon uk and anywhere else you find your audience coming from in your analytics.
remember that you will need to get 3 sales in 180 - so wait till you get visitor to your site before applying.
good luck
DianeScorpio Premium
Hello from the UK! The internet is a global marketplace and your website will be seen worldwide, so there are members here from all over the world.

As regards Amazon, you need to apply to join the program for each country you are interested in. For example,, etc. You can then use Amazon's own tool which detects where each customer is from and sends them to the correct site.
Hi Diane, thanks for your reply. Is this for all parties? Say: Airbnb, booking. com etc. that you need to apply per country? Still have to start building a website but I have an idea so just gathering info at the moment. Cheers
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - no, just Amazon. Other programs will have their own terms and conditions which you will need to read when you apply to join them.