Hey everyone! I'm just starting the training and want to hear your opinions on my niche. What do you think of Dog Strollers as a niche? I live in Los Angeles and everywhere I've been, I see people with strollers for their small to medium sized dogs. Thank you in advance for the feedback!

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I used to think that dog strollers were foolish and laughable inventions meant to spoil your pets. Then, I found out a thousand and one reasons to own one. A dog stroller is mighty handy if you have an aging pet or if you have an injured pet just recovering from surgery and you can find more at petlifebuzz
BrunoW Premium
Thanks for the advice everyone! After going through Level 1 one the training and seeing your input, I've bought the domain mypetsfreshgear.com as to not pigeon hole myself too much on just dogs and just strollers. I will be able to cover any cool and trendy pet product within this umbrella of "fresh pet gear". What do you think??
JasonJF Premium
I think you are headed in a good direction, Bruno.

You could definitely start out your site by writing articles about dog strollers then branch out in the future if you want to.

There are plenty of keywords to consider right now. Here are a few examples:

Best dog stroller for hiking
Best dog stroller for Bulldogs
Best dog stroller for jogging
Best dog stroller for large dogs
Best dog stroller for small dogs

You see where I'm going with this? There are many possibilities. Just think of the wide variety of people out there searching for these keywords.

Use the Jaaxy keyword tool (which you will learn how to use in upcoming training) to get data...

You are going to learn how to construct your articles in an SEO friendly manner so that you will get high rankings in Google, so be patient and follow the training attentively.

I also attached a screenshot of the term Dog Strollers in Google trends, so yeah there is definitely a market.

And also some Data from the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Research is key so make sure to study the competition. See what they have written, then write more helpful and valuable content.

Here are the sites which I see in that niche:

All the best on the journey,
Nkaujzeb Premium
I don't own a dog and I don't know what accessories for your pets entail but you might want to considered what Zarina and bnavaluna said. If your passion about it and have plenty of things to write about.

Or just do a dog strollers reviews for all sorts of dogs from the past and towards the future then you'll do fine.
Zarina Premium
It seems that the niche might be too narrow, unless there are endless keywords to create reviews for individual strollers?

Pets might be too broad, but something like products for dogs is more specific yet not too narrow.

Products for dogs might include strollers, shampoos, food, etc.

Personally, when I choose a niche I try to think if I will have plenty of space in terms of keywords. You don't want to write 15 posts and then run out of ideas because there simply will be none. You know what I mean?

Hope this helps :)
bnavaluna Premium
As long as you are passionate about the topic, anything can be a niche. As a new user at WA myself, I can totally relate with having questions about finding a niche. With dog strollers, doing reviews on various ones and attaching affiliate links is just one idea that comes to mind. Good luck on whatever decision you make.