i found an article on another website, i changed every 5th or 6th word, is this a black hat stratergy ? will google penalise me ? if so its going to be hard to rewrite it in my own words ? any advice ?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Just a thought. If you are having difficulty coming up with original content, do you have a niche passion that you do know a lot about and can write content from the heart? If you do- m that is your asset and is highly valuable to you because you have personal experience and knowledge you can share and help people with.
linehanbrows Premium
MY niche is les paul guitars, i have one myself best guitar ive ever had but writing a 1000 words about is bit of a streach, if you know what i meen ?
jghwebbrand Premium
Glad to hear you have a personal niche.
Yes, writing 1000 words can be challenging especially at first.

I am wondering if you can find some questions people may have about les paul guitars.

Learn Questions People Ask About Your Niche.
Use tools like the following to see questions you can address for your niche.
https://soolve.com https://answersocrates.com https://usetopic.com/people-also-ask and Google search scroll down and find "People also ask section" or use Quora.com

Do you get into how to choose a guitar. Guide to choosing a guitar. or whatever else there may be.
DragomirVC1 Premium Plus
I did something like that, but you feel crazy.
Restoring in your own words is better (and stick with something!).
richardgb Premium
You can check for online plagiarism such as with this Grammarly one plagiarism checker (there are others) by copying and pasting into it:


In theory, if it comes back negative then you've probably done enough to get away with it.

I understand the temptation of saving time by doing this, however, it's much better practice to completely re-write thereby making your own mark.

Consider this... we are competing with sites that are already ranked on page 1 of Google ...

...so it's worth basing new articles on a mix of ideas from different sources. In part to be original and in part to make sure you cover at least as much as a combination of some of the top-ranking sites.
ParthaB Premium
I found the guitar album you recorded last year.

I changed every 5th or 6th note.

I then passed it off as my own recording.

I have now made $1million from YOUR recording.

How Do You Feel?

I will say no more

feigner Premium
where do i find it .....lol
ParthaB Premium
bazboy247 Premium
Do not copy content its counter productive