....forum in posts I read but I get the impression that this is something from an older incarnation of WA. I am new and am guessing it is not here anymore, right? Not that we need one. Everything I need is here already.:)
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solidbase Premium
I'm new here and dont know what existed in the past.
However, to me it seems that an additional forum would be superfluous as we can have all the answers and feedback we need in a matter of minutes with the facilities we have at our disposal.
Maybe I misunderstood your point ?
Have a great day.
teacup Premium
There did used to be a forum here and it was gigantic. Unfortunately, it became outdated as marketing methods and SEO methods changed. To leave it up would do nothing but confuse current members so it was removed from our access.

If you could go back and look at some of the posts there then you would see people who have made it big in marketing and moved on. A few like PotPieGirl have kept their memberships but just don't have the time to be active anymore.

Kyle and Carson have wisely kept this site up to date with what is working now. That is the biggest difference in this training and the training you would find elsewhere.
hostelgirl Premium
I agree. I find it hard sometimes when old blogs/training etc refer to stuff that's no.longer here/relevant but I suppose to go through everything and remove every mention would be some task. Kyle referred to forums in an old post as *the dinosaurs of the internet" or something similar and I agree actually. People want instant these days.
GarySkoglind Premium
This entire site is a lively forum. Probably organized differently. Spend some time in the chat box on the right.