Hi, friends, hope everyone is doing great.

I am Cesar, a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, looking for a way to be an affiliate virtuoso one day. But I am a little confused with the course length, as it is so long and I might have to invest a full month here to complete it.

Hence, I am wondering if you guys can help me to know which are some of the greatest lessons in the full course and which are the most useful ones to get started with. Also, it would be great if you help me to find a curriculum of the course regarding what are the tools we will get to learn from this full program.

I hope you will understand my situation and help me reduce my confusion.

Thank you. Cesar Skaf!

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi you can go to OEC or the Affiliate Bootcamp, click heading top and see each level summary
ceezz Premium
Thank you for your time...
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You are so very welcome.