Hi everyone,

My question refers to the comments box below someone's question or blog. I would like to know the following :

(a) Is there a toolbar available to use when commenting on someone's blog or question ? (I sometimes feel the need to emphasize something, but then have to use quotation marks (") or upper case)

(b) In some cases there appears a notification at the bottm saying " do you need community help" with "yes" and "no" boxes to click. I always click "No", but is that correct ?

Thanks in advance.


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rosieM Premium
Loes already answered A: if you check yes it will go out to the community...for example. I get WA email....Joe asked a question, etc with a link that would lead to their comment...
solidbase Premium
Thanks Rosie,
Much appreciated
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Don't know the answer to point (a), but with point (b) -

I've noticed that the reason you get this "yes/no" box is because you typed a "?" within the comment. So if you don't want this box to come up, just type a "!" Instead of a "?". It doesn't mean Exactly the same but it will usually do.

Sometimes we use question marks even when we don't really need an answer, or when we only want an answer from the person you're talking with. You then press "no".
But, if you ask a question to the person you're talking to, sometimes it's nice to receive an answer from both the person and others too. You then press "yes".

I pressed "no" in this case because I'm not actually asking a question even though I've used several question marks.

I hope this makes sense.
solidbase Premium
Hey you two,
Many thanks for your response
JeanL Premium
When it is on someone's blog, no need to ask the community, just click no and add comment.
solidbase Premium
Thank you for your response
jvranjes Premium
About (b), saying yes implies it will be send to the community and some others might take part in the discussion as well. So sometimes it makes sense doing that way.
solidbase Premium
Thank you J,
Much appreciated.
Loes Premium
Most blogs are responsive to italic and strong, you can write your comment in your text area and copy the text editor, in most cases that'll do the job
solidbase Premium
Many thanks for your response.