I remember seeing a post from a lady who had deleted pictures on her PC and they disappeared from her website. I was under the impression they were stored in wordpress on my site.

I am wondering if there is a suggested way to upload these photos to someplace on the web. I only ask this because my PC has some issues, it's working fine right now, but....

Thanks for your help. I'm going to bed now, so I'll check in tomorrow.

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je1777 Premium
Hi BK,
As bb said, the images that you upload to your Wordpress site will remain on your site. However, if for some reason your site crashed, you would have to upload them again. Obviously, if your computer crashed too, that would not be an option. So, imageshack.com would be an option for photos. However, if you're at risk of losing your entire computer, there's probably other types of files that you'll want to save as well. Online storage sites like Dropbox.com, Mediafire.com, and Google Drive allow you to store all of your files AND photos in one place.
apache1 Premium Plus
If you go to build my website log on to your site once opened on your left side you will find media. Form here you can download any pictures you have on your computer onto this media site that you would like to use for your website.
so when you are creating a page, post etc all you need to do is then just click on the page where you want the picture to go to then click the media icon at the top of your page and select the phote. Here you will choose left center or right for positing and select the size you want. Here is a link that may be of help to your Brenda
Take care be well
Patrick007 Premium
As Josh stated, pictures that you've already uploaded to your website are stored on the server along with your website pages/posts.

In addition to Imageshack, you could also use Dropbox which offers you 2Gb of free storage. I discuss this in my post on how to backup your WordPress website here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/patrick007/blog/new-post-on-how-to-backup-your-wordpress-site.
PeterGK Premium
Google Drive is another cloud based option for backup of any files - 15 GB free, or Dropbox.
bbraunj Premium
They are stored on your website, but if it makes you feel better, you can upload them to imageshack.com for a backup