my videos are stalling i think my hard drive is filling up can you direct me to romove prograams from it im using windows 10 ?

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feigner Premium
you may be running into memory probles rather than you hard drive ...
wa video play when you click on them and are buffered to mainly your ram memory ( fastest) or if this gets filled up then onto your hard drive ( slowest)...
so check that you are not having too many programs open at once or too many tabs....
there will be a lot of programs running in the background as well eating up valuable resources...
i tend to use a little program called rammap and every now and then click on the empty stanby memory as programs have what is called 'memory leakage' and forget to clear stuff out of the ram...
but it also may be to do with your internet speed or connection
i hope you get it sorted
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Yes your hard drive would be C drive unless you have partitions.

I check my Windows is up to date.

You can remove some of the contents to an external hard drive.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Which videos are you referring to, may I ask? Are they on your hard drive or WA videos?
linehanbrows Premium
WA videos