Hi. I believe that I am a premium member but when I tried to access a course I was requested to upgrade to premium. Is there a problem with my account? I have not been on WA for some time due to personal difficulties. I know that my annual renewal is due soon Thank you, Chris

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you can visit here and see what plan you are on


However there's been a system update and a new bundle upgrade, you can read more in below link If interested in upgrading to Premium Plus + I suggest you wait till Black Friday to get yourself a grandfathered $795 offer vs a standard $995
BandanaChris Premium
Thank you for your reply and especially the informative links. I will get to know the new WA design and implications over the next few days
Best regards, Chris
Mark K Premium
Looks like you are premium to me. Are you sure you are not trying to access something that is for Premium+ members only?
BandanaChris Premium
Thank you Mark. That may be the case. I will go back and check. I have not been on WA for a few months due to personal complications and things have changed a lot it seems. Things look unfamiliar : | I think i will struggle navigating around