I understand that there are many well known service providers offering these services such as Blue Host or Host Gator or Site Ground.

However, most of these names, their prices are based in USD and it is too expensive in terms of currency exchange.

On the other hand, there are also some other similar providers also offering the same services in our home currency or currency that is beneficial to us.

A same service provider can provide the domain and hosting service in various countries from USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Hence, the currency paid for the service will be reflected accordingly.

For example, I can choose to get the domain and hosting from Malaysia even though it is not my home country to take advantage of the foreign exchange. Are there any seniors who also use this method?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Jacie,

Where a site is hosted from seems to effect local businesses who only have basic SEO.

However, if you have an affiliate website, and most of your website visitors are Americans (USA), then it wouldn't hurt to host that site in their country.

Why hosting location can help a website ranking is more obvious once you realize Google's scripting.

If someone has a local business located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, then Google's script would not know that it is their website which is being hosted on a Kansas City, Kansas, USA web hosting server.

So that site most likely would not rank at ALL in searches done by users located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With a site hosted out of province, and most specifically out of country, you would need to pay a high price for SEO to rank locally.

Hope this helps you.
WaMagic Premium
Hi Triblu, It really helps a lot! Thank You for the wonderful explanations.