Hi everyone,
I have always had a problem getting traffic to my site.I have tried using SEO to the best of my ability and i am on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr,but still i don't seem to getting much Traffic to my site,even though i realise content is king and i am building my site out whenever i get time.

My question is this?
Do you feel it is worthwhile paying someone on Fiverr to get traffic to your site.
Now firstly i must admit i am doing this at the moment.One person promised to get 1000 people per week for 2 months to view my site,and i must admit so far he is true to his word.
Out of that thousand people only one person has clicked on an adsense link, and i made (wait for it) 1 pence or 1 cent, you can stop laughing now.
So i would appreciate your views on this and let me know if you feel getting traffic from Fiverr is worthwhile.
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CarlaIves Premium
I'm with everyone here who says it's not good traffic. It's like buying "likes" on Facebook. All it does is increase a number. Oh, you might get one or two who will read it, but there are other ways. Good Luck!
GazFinch Premium
Hi Carla,
Thank you for your reply.
Everyone is right now i have read the replies. The traffic comes from people who aren't really interested in what i write.In future i will try other methods to get the traffic.
brubecke Premium
Steve and mishand are right, That traffic is not good.
It is not traffic that is interested in what you write.
While it probably won't hurt your ranking and may help your Alexa rating, it is still not the kind of traffic you need.
GazFinch Premium
Hi Bruce,
Many thanks for replying,everyone is right, it is not traffic that is interested in what i write.
hakemp001 Premium
If you are looking at Fiverr for traffic, I would say no.

I did try it one time to get traffic, but it wasn't the targeted traffic like the reviews had said they would be.

Honestly the best traffic is what you get through your keywords and content.
GazFinch Premium
Hi Heather,
Many thanks for your reply,i have decided never to use Fiverr for traffic again.
mlshands Premium
To me, the traffic isn't worth it if it's not people that want to read my content and benefit from it. Those are the returning readers and that's my goal.
GazFinch Premium
Hi mishands,
You have made a good point there about people that want to read my content,thank you for replying.
steveo5770 Premium
It's not a good idea to pay for traffic (outside of PPC). They won't be "real" visitors many times and you will have short duration visits and a high bounce rate. Things that will adversely affect you site rankings.
GazFinch Premium
Hi steve,
Thanks for your reply,i had no idea it would affect my site rankings.
I won't be buying traffic from Fiverr in the future.