Is anyone here using or familiar with "Trello" as an alternative to using "Spreadsheets" ?

Different Ways To Use Trello -

Basic "How-To" Training -

Using Trello for Project Management -

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Kav Premium
I started to look at this the other day and got distracted. It's good for managing projects, schedules etc. Lot's of videos on youtube as you've rightly pointed out.
wb5yjs Premium
@Kav - I read your brief WA Profile... go look at what you wrote & imagine how you could use Trello to set your WA Goals, organize, track & document your WA journey.
TJ Books Premium
I think I'm going to try it.
wb5yjs Premium
@TJBooks - Thanks for the reply & the wikipedia link. Let me know what you decide & how you might use Trello.

Can you imagine how folks could combine Trello with their progress through WA... planning, organizing, recording/documenting, archiving, collaborating, etc. and using Trello as a place for Idea & Brain Dumping?