I am thinking of registering a new domain name with a hyphen and am not sure if it would be indexed well by Google etc?

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BarbaraN Premium
It's not a good idea, Pio. I say that from experience. I picked a domain name with dashes when I started in WA and it has been a pain. Google won't care and it won't affect SEO. You type your domain name a lot and you will get sick of putting in that hyphen. It's just a drag and is not generally recommended.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
It is your posts that draw traffic to your site more than the title of your website. Use a hyphen if that works for you.

Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Pio,

Thank you for your question.

I would never purchase a domain with a dash or any abbreviation. People will never remember where the abbreviation is and will probably end up going to your competition!

A dash or any other abbreviation will make no difference to your SEO. However, although a domain name does not particularly make any difference to search engine optimisation, it's important to have a relevant domain. In other words, your domain should explain what your niche is.

For example, if I was looking for something on gardening and the domain had the word "cooking" within the domain, I probably wouldn't go there.

Wishing you every success.

TheAbie Premium Plus
I personally would not include dashes, however others may say it is okay to have one dash, people don't remember a dash when they start typing a domain.

You can use leandomainsearch dot com, you input a word and it gives you another

And a godaddy valuation tool to find a memorable name.

I'd also use this site http://namecheckr.com to check if the name is also available on social media platforms.

However nowadays domains are not so affected by SEO vs writing quality rich content with good choice of keywords, latter of which would rank you in the search engines.

I would always go for a dot com domain name vs dot net or dot org as people's perceptions when they start typing they would typically assume it is a dot com. And make sure it is spelled correctly as it cannot be edited once purchased.

Also check if the domain is copyrighted, trademarked and ' or registered to an established business.
Pio Premium
Thank you so much for your usual help. It is much appreciated.
Kind regards,
TheAbie Premium Plus
Pio, most welcome!
Meddings Premium Plus
Everything I've leant so far points to avoiding the use of hyphens in domain names. I've just purchased the non-hyphen version of my domain name as most experts say to avoid them.

I've had posts indexed with the hyphenated domain but I think it's about being user-friendly and accessible.