Do you lose all you work and have to star afresh????
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scabadash Premium
Thanx Guys! Awesome replies.
apache1 Premium
No you don't but some themes you may have to readjust or re do the setting mainly on your widgets. All themes are different are operated differently as well some will work well with your current work some won't. Easy way is to look at a theme you like install it but don't activate it once install at the bottom right you will see two parts install and preview.
click on preview and the new site should start bringing all you details on to this you can also make your adjustment there as well. Mind you this is only a preview nothing has changed. If you like the way it looks you can then click install and that is your new theme as I said you may still need to readjust some part. the old theme will still be on your list of themes saved. that's why the need to remember the name because you may have install many themes and could easily forget you last one.
Just look at the themes you like download them then click preview you can do as many as you want if you have too many themes you can always delete them later once you have selected the one you want. Take care be well
kholmes Premium
Changed mine and all content was still there.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Richard! -

No - you don't lose anything!

As a test try changing themes - you can't brake anything!
CarlaIves Premium
I was wondering about that, too. I don't think so, but I know it may not show up the same on a different theme. I changed mine before I had content on the site, so will be waiting to see what answers you get!