if a buy a new domain at WA wil it be on the old server php5.4 or the new server with php7.3 ?

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Debs66 Premium
You could always ask Site-support if they will put you on the new server I think it is still in Beta. As Gordon-D has said also..

There is one thing you will get and it is normally a paid plugin but you will get it for free and that is Kraken io.

It has taken the place of EWW optimizer for all new sites. So whatever do you don't disable it.

Eww Optimizer is good but from what I have had read from a comment from Carson. Kraken is a powerful plugin.
Hope that helps.
Debs :)
Gordon-D Premium
As far as I am aware the new server hasn't been released yet, so going on that assumption a new domain would be placed on the current server. But you can always request your new domain be placed on the Beta version of the new server. Contact site support for info.